Air Motors

With Compressed Air as actuation medium, air motors use compressed air to covert pressure energy to mechanical energy. Our range of Air Motors includes Rotary Vane Air Motor, Rotary Vane Air Gear Motor, Oil-less Vane Air Motor and Stainless Air Motor with different specifications.

Oilless Vane Air Motor0.4HPSW58

Oilless Vane Air Motor2.0HP-SW63

Rotary Vane Air Gearmotor0.9HP-SW57

Rotary Vane Air Gearmotor0.33HP-SW55

Rotary Vane Air Motor1.5HP-SW46

Rotary Vane Air Motor9.0HP-SW53

Stainless Air Motor0.42HP-SW66

Stainless Air Motor1.7HP-SW67